Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Big crunch.

Week in Modelling/Gaming

This week I was looking forward to two games... I had one. Well, that frees up a bit of time for painting and modelling, good thing I ordered up a couple boxes of Warriors as well as a Lord on a Disk of Tzeentch. Except that as of Friday the order (local hobby store) had not even been placed. (Never mind that I placed the order more than a week prior) Okay then... What to do... what to.. Internet PORN!!! Umm, wait... kids around. Oh! I'll help Jackie assemble Ogres.

So, that's what I did. Jackie has started a new job which she absolutely loves. However, her hours are not kind to her new found love of Modelling and gaming. While I work a standard 9-5, my lovely wife (I have to refer to her as such lest I get punched) has accepted a job at an assisted living facility. The hours for her shift are 2-midnight. Poopy. She studied nursing, or something... I don't understand all this college stuff her and her smart friends did. Needless to say, she may have her dream job, but I lost my modelling/gaming buddy during the week.

While my Chaos Warriors are awaiting an order, Jackie is sitting pretty currently with her Ogre Kingdoms.
She now has:

6 Ironguts
18 Ogres
4 Leadbelchers
1 Ironblaster/Scraplauncher (She is still debating on which to build...Tips?)

I have for my warriors:

An urge to collect something else.

Ha! I'm kidding... but not really.

Game Time!

Saturday night Chris came down and we threw out 2000 points. WoC Vs Daemons, the rematch... Since he's my best friends this match-up will get a lot of playtime.

My list:

lvl 4 on a Disk
Exalted Hero BSB

15 Khorne Warriors Dual Hand weapons
15 Khorne Warriors Dual Hand weapons
20 Marauders of Slaanesh with Flails
15 Chosen of Tzeentch

Hell Cannon

5 Warhounds
5 Warhounds
5 Warhounds

He brought (This is an estimation)
Lvl 3 Keeper of Secrets
2 Heralds of Tzeentch

Big unit of Bloodletters
Big unit of Bloodletters
Unit of 6 Bloodcrushers

Big unit of Pink Horrors...

So, this game was interesting. 2 Big time casters, and yet the magic phase was actually not a factor the entire game. Our last game was basically won on my magic phase. He had no answer for Infernal Gateway. This time around he had an ample supply of Dispel scrolls, I also failed to roll Pandaemonium... Sucky!

I used the small group of Warhounds to harass is flanks and win deployment. They did their jobs splendidly. I ran them up the flanks and positioned them behind or next to units, outside the charge arc, to make him test leadership whenever he wanted to march. I placed my big Marauder unit right in the middle between to large rock outcroppings, and used the terrain to draw him in. One of my warrior units had the Banner of Swiftness, which I used to move them around the terrain and through a series of tactical advances and withdraws from my Marauders I was able to flank with both my Warriors and Chosen.

Chosen are GREAT! Except when you fail to roll enough for a charge for 3 turns.

Like I mentioned, the magic phase was infective on both sides. He shut down my big spell for the first 3 turns, and on his turns the dice just did not like him. He either failed to cast because of AMAZINGLY bad rolls, or I was able to counter. All that aside, this game was another route for my Warriors. I don't know what Chris is doing wrong with his Daemons because I am just getting back into the game after a long absence playing 40k, but everyone says Daemons are amazing. Thus far, they have been anything but...

A few thoughts:
Can I take a few small units of hounds to help with Deployments in a tournament setting?
Should I make room for a lvl 2 in my list to help counter opponents money spells? Lurker, Purple sun, Mindrazor?
If I decide that I just can't stomach painting another Warrior can I collect, build, and paint a new army by June? Skaven sound like fun... !!!

Thanks for reading.

Saturday, January 14, 2012

Big smelly mans!

Jackie's obsession with Ogre Kingdoms has lead to an invasion of fat plastic men with sizable breasts! Seriously though, these models look even better up close than the pics on GW's website. Jackie spent most of the past few nights assembling her first unit of Ogre's. She did add a lot of the detail bits that come with the box set, though I warned her: Anything you glue on now, must be painted later. Don't add what you wont want to spend the time to make look good!

After I shook off the effects of her punch (Which would have really hurt if I had not blocked it with my face) I took a moment to appreciate her work. For a first time modeller she is taking to the task with an admirable enthusiasm. I hope that continues when the painting begins.

As far as gaming goes, she has another unit of Ogre's, a unit of Lead Belchers, a unit of Ironguts, and a Slaughtermaster to assemble (Hopefully done by Sunday evening) before she can commence serious gaming with her new mini's.

My Warriors of Chaos are another story. I am still painting Warrior models and prepping them for the big Dip. I used Testers flat red to spray the mini's, and that worked really well. Brown cloak, bone colors on the horns, metal here, brass there. My test model dipped well, and came out a deep maroon. I took a few minutes to highlight a few of the features. Added some lighter red around the eye holes on his helm for effect and am mostly pleased with the appearance. I wont win any painting competitions, but my models are not 3 color standard either.

I did manage to get a couple games in this past week. Once against an Ogre player and close friend named Randall, and once against a DoC player and bro-seph Chris.

Game 1, my introduction to 8th edition and the end of more than 4 years of Fantasy exile. Randall is a hard core gamer with a tournament history. He takes all aspects of the hobby seriously. His gamesmanship is tight, he stratagizes well, and his modelling and painting is superb. Randall is a guy I need to play a lot more.

The game... well, it went about as well as I thought it would. He kicked my ass. He was able to use his Leadbelchers to destroy my Knights of Chaos. His Ogres picked their spots, charged well and inflicted too many impact hits to handle. But most damning for me: The Greedy Fist! This thing sucks SOOO bad. My lvl 4 on a disk was a lvl0 before I even got to move him. Going to have to do some research and find a way to beat that spell/item combo. Very Deadly.

Game 2: Warriors of Chaos Vs Daemons of Chaos. Chris and I both tried a few different things with our lists for this match. I took a Hell Cannon, and he didn't run an actual Wizard. He decided to leave the magic phase in the hands of 2 big units of Pink Horrors, and ran a choppy Daemon Prince.

It was clear early that this was a mistake. My lvl 4 on Disk eliminated an entire unit of 30 Bloodletters on the first turn with Infernal Gateway. (This happened once more to one of his units of Horrors) I was able to completely dominate the magic phase, and the results were devastating. I won by 777 points, and he had just a single Flamer of Tzeentch left at the end of round 6.

What have I learned as I reintroduce myself to WHFB? Magic is key, Big units, or Big-ish units are a must, and I need to play a lot before Blood in the Sun. Not just play a lot. But play a lot of good players, and a lot of different armies.

Next post will have some pics of Jackies Ogres and my dipped Warriors.

Monday, January 9, 2012

B.I.T.S Prep... a return to Fantasy.

So, holy hell its been a long time since I've blogged about anything. I guess now is as good a time as any.

The Big News: Signed up for Blood in the Sun. A 2 Day WHFB tournament north of Chicago.

The Bigger News: Jackie has decided to return to her collection of Ogre Kingdoms which started way back when the army was first released.

The Biggest News: Jackie is also going to B.I.T.S!

So, hubby and wife combo... Full of nerd rage from months of frantic modelling and painting. Driving from beautiful Kalamazoo Michigan to Chicago. Why for? A weekend of gaming.

I have never attended a Warhammer tournament. Be it 40k or Fantasy... I have only played casually around town, or with close friends. This is the logical next step in my mind. That being said I do have some reservations. For instance... If I begin playing against a super mega-fanboy... and he gets all jerky about rules I may have to destroy him and make him bleed all over the table. I play hockey son, I am not a docile gamer, and I don't deal well with cockbreathed doucheheads. Lets just hope this situation doesn't arise.

Now, B.I.T.S may be 6 months away, but that does not mean we just sit around and wait for the tourney. There is a lot of work to be done!

My Warriors of Chaos are 15 years old! I need to do some serious modelling. I need to replace a lot of my old, ugly warriors with new hotness. I need Hellcannons! You know what... now is the perfect time for a list!

What Tim has:


What Tim needs:


More specifically... I am planning on purchasing the following. (These will also have to be assembled and painted before the tourney)

-Lord on Disc
-Exalted Hero for BSB
-1 Box of Marauders (possibly depending on how my play testing goes)
-2 Boxes of Warriors
-1 Box of Knights
-Hell Cannons

These things, coupled with what I already have should give me a competitive list. That doesn't mean I'll win anything. But if I lose it wont be because my list sucks.

Jackie has a tougher hill to climb. Not only does she have NOTHING assembled or painted at the time of this writing. She doesn't know how to play. No sweat. Fanboys beware: Whatever reaction your douchebaggery might have elicited from me, Jackie will do 10x worse. Don't want to bleed on your models. Think twice before you smart off to a mother of 4. Just sayin' nerds.

Jackie is, as I type, assembling Ogres. She is diligently reading the BRB, and the plan is for at least a game a week around the house, and then another at the hobby shop. We'll see how that plays out. Honestly, her enthusiasm for the game is really awesome.

Beer and painting now. Beer and painting.