Monday, April 8, 2013

So, I haven't posted a new blog in a VERY long time. For that I am sorry. There are a few reasons that I will quickly explain.

First, My last blog posts here were just hobby and gaming updates leading up to Blood in the Sun, which I was not able to attend. That was frankly heartbreaking. I was REALLY looking forward to going to that, and having that be not only my first WHFB tournament, but also the start of my regular attendance in the tournament scene around where I live in Southwest Michigan. I'm actually in a really good spot, not terribly close but within comfortable driving distance of Chicago, Detroit, and Indianapolis. However, Crohns disease has forced me to take a step back for the time being. My hope is that I will be able to make another go of it in the near future.

Second, as I mentioned above Crohns disease. Because of that I am back in college full time in an effort to retrain myself into a field where I can be successful even when I feel like absolute crap.  I just can't seem to get to where I feel up to putting the time and effort in to doing what it takes to be a tournament player. By that I mean the practice games, painting, and learning other armies and how to deal with possible lists I may see. That being said, the new treatment I am on seems to be working well, so here's hoping that sometime in the near future I will be able to expand to some tournament play.

I've had a couple friends ask me why I want to play in tournaments. Simple. I've been to a few Blood Bowl tournaments and played in some local 40k events, and I enjoy the competitive atmosphere. I like playing against good players, seeing really good looking models, and a day or weekend of gaming is just fun. I have always been a competitive person and Warhammer fantasy is my favorite game. So for me it seems natural. Take the game to the next level.

As far as gaming and this blog go, there are a few things I hope to talk about here going forward. One of them being that I have in my possession a couple forces I have acquired from friends and family.  One of them I now own outright, that is a High Elf force of about 1800 points. Basically I have an Island of Blood force, plus a Batallion box and the set that has the mounted Mage and the mage on foot, as well as the box that has the mounted hero as well as the hero on foot. So. I have all the characters I'll ever need. I'll just need to flesh out the units and paint them up. As a person who has always played evil armies, the thought of High Elves is actually pretty appealing.

The other force that I have here is made up primarily of my Brother JJ's stuff. About 7 or 8 years ago he had some disposable income and had the intention of learning the game and joining us. So, as GW does when they release a new book they had put an Army box together to coincide with the release of the Britonnian book. He bought that, but then moved to Florida where it sat in a closet. I was visiting over New Years and picked it up off of him with the understanding that it was still his, but I could play around with the models and get some games in. I have always wanted to paint up some Brets... I love the idea of the individual knights and the different heraldry. So, I also have those.

Going forward I'm hoping to blog at least weekly, if not more often. It will cover my hobby work, games of fantasy and 40k, also I'm playing some War Machine/Hordes. So I'll talk about my new Menoth force that I have sitting on my desk now waiting for paint and the games I'm playing there... I have some thoughts on GW that I want to get out and see what others think.

Thanks for taking the time to read, I'm looking forward to posting more soon!