Monday, April 2, 2012

Ogre Progression

Just a quick update:

Painting and modelling has been moving right along. Gaming has still taken a back seat as Jackie is working a lot of overtime.

This past weekend I did happen to make it to Battle Bunker in Downers Grove Il (Chicago for everyone who doesn't care about the 400, 000 burbs around that town) for Headbangers ball 2, a blood bowl tournament.

I took Norse, and loaded them up with Frenzy. My goal: KILL EVERYONE! Maybe win a game or two.

As luck was in my favor I took home the trophy for most casualties. I actually took the tournament champion right down to the wire. He had to score on his last turn to beat me 2-1. Next time your ass is mine, Extreme!

Jackie has been painting, and for a rookie doing very well in my opinion.

So, clearly unpainted... Whatever...Primed with Army Painter Barbarian Flesh Primer.Painted, washed, and slightly highlighted Ogre. No basing yet. We are waiting for Citidels new Texture pots to arrive so we can give them a try. We are going to use the light grey and drybrush white to give the model the look of walking across a light dusting of snow. Mountains of Mourn style, bitches.

Next time I'll have some pics of my lord on Disc, and maybe a battle report.