Sunday, March 11, 2012

Coming out of hobby limbo

Its been a few since my last blog post. There is a reason for that... I haven't done anything. Sad I know. Lets recap though, if we can, the past month.

Jackie has started painting her Ogre Kingdom army. This is her first foray into painting and modelling and, though her work has taken most of her time, she has been fairly enthusiastic about what most folks consider a chore.

She used Barbarian flesh from Army painter as a basecoat. With her first Ogres it looks like she has basically painted and washed and the results are just fine. Honestly, her first models look FAR superior to my first attempt at painting.

I have done very little. I did finally get my Lord of Tzeench on disk and painted the disk. It turned out well, I layered Tin bits out to shining gold and the effect is nice. I apparently have finished the 'Remission' stage of Crohn's disease and am in full blown flair up again which just saps my energy. So, most of my last month has been work, doctors appointments, tests from doctors, and home with the kids. Honestly, I am getting a little worried about BiTS. Will I be ready in time? I hope so.


Hell Cannon in Finecast! As anyone who has talked to me knows, this was a must for me. I did NOT want to assemble that metal mess. So, when I saw the release on GW's page I actually giggled like a school girl. A fat, hairy, old school girl. I must have soon!

Big news part 2!

I have obtained a completely painted Daemons of Chaos army. This lot includes:
1 Bloodthirster
1 Lord of Change
6 Bloodcrushers
90 Bloodletters
30 Pink Horrors
12 Flamers
3 Daemon Princes

All for less that $200. Yep... Fukken Uber!

Now, I need ideas for mounting them on round bases as opposed to the square ones they are on so I can use them in both WHFB and 40k. My thought is to buy some round movement bases I have found online. Also, I have seen pre-magnitized 25mm round bases from Galeforce nine. Anyone have any experience with these?

Peace folks, thanks for reading.